Welcome, Arachnophiles!

Spiders. Does the word send chills down your spine? Does the mere thought send you quivering into a corner? Well what if I told you that these little eight-eyed wonders were actually pretty chill? They’re the kind of guys you’d go for a classy drink with on a Friday night. You’d talk to them about your engagement. You’d ask them to watch your kids while you get an oil change. Spiders just get something humans don’t. Oh, and the ways they walk? Surprisingly very complex. Surprisingly very interesting. And with the aid of this website, surprisingly very simple to understand. But hey, don’t take my word for it; soon enough, this website will be the only proof you’ll need.

Arachnophilia aims to break the scientific status quo. We’re tired of the impossible learning curves of scientific journals, websites, and other literature. The reality is this: there is so much information out there that so many people have the capacity to understand…but all that scientific jargon gets in the way. I and my partner–Alina Gawlinski–are freshman at Temple University currently working in Dr. Hsieh’s lab with a diverse array of spiders. Over the course of this semester, we will pick, conduct, and dedicate our academic lives to our experiments. And while we do that, we will be bringing them to YOU. No jargon. No filler. No PhD needed.

So sit back, relax, and the next time you see a spider scurrying along, think twice before grabbing that shoe. See you back here real soon.

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